Treatment Plan for Credentialing- Free Trizetto Webinar

A Genius Solutions' Clearinghouse Partner: Trizetto

Overwhelmed with paperwork?
Learn how you can transform your credentialing and re-credentialing process.

TriZetto Provider Solutions, A Cognizant Company, (TPS) want to help you transform your credentialing process. TPS' experienced staff uses powerful workflow technology and a deep understanding of the details required by each payer to successfully submit and follow up on credentialing applications on your behalf.

Utilizing TPS' credentialing services enables you to: track progress online, reduce credentialing administrative time, increase revenue and decrease write-offs.
Whether you need assistance with first time credentialing or re-credentialing, their knowledgeable team can help. Learn how you can transform your credentialing process, allowing you to connect with your patients and impact your revenue. Please note, you don’t have to be a TPS clearinghouse client to utilize the credentialing services, this service is open to all providers!

Link to webinar registration
Time/Date of Webinar: May 22nd at 11 am CST


First Friday of the Month Conference Call - April 6, 2018

The next Genius Solutions First Friday of the Month Conference Call is scheduled for Friday, April 6 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time.

Planned topics for the conference call (so far) are:
  • New Medicare Cards Coming! - Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)
  • MIPS Preliminary Feedback Now Available (not final)
  • Final comments


New Medicare Insurance Numbers - 2018

I am sure you have heard about the upcoming change to Medicare Patient Insurance numbers. (If not, starting in April all of your Medicare patients will begin receiving new Medicare insurance cards with new Medicare numbers - they are finally retiring the social security number from the cards.)

Make sure you update your eTHOMAS to the most current version, then you will be prepared to go through and set up your THOMAS system - insurance and patient policies to take in and begin using the new Medicare cards.

Here is the "HOW TO" document to walk you through the process in your THOMAS system. 


Genius 2018 Spring Billing Focus Group Seminar


Genius 2018 Spring Billing Focus Group Seminar
Genius Solutions, Inc. is hosting a Focus Group for our Billing Services that will concentrate on new billing features to help streamline your workflow!
March 22nd @ Genius Solutions, Inc.

7177 Miller Drive

Warren, MI 48092
4-5pm Meet and Greet with Genius’ Support Staff
5-7pm New Features for Billing Presentation
$50/person beverages included
Space is limited - Register Now!


How to Keep Your Patient Communication Secure & Compliant in 2018

One of our Clearinghouse Partners - Trizetto is offering a free webinar worth one AAPC CEU.

How to Keep Your Patient Communication Secure and Compliant in 2018

Presented by Jim Johnson
DATE: March 14, 2018
TIME: 12:00 p.m. CST

New technologies are bringing about new concerns with HIPAA compliance. Don't let your fear of HIPAA violations stand in the way of adopting new technologies that can improve your day-to-day operations and assist with ease of communication.


No First Friday of the Month Conference Call - March 2018

No First Friday of the Month Conference Call - March 2018

There will be no conference call this month. If you have any suggestions or requests for next month, please let us know.


Genius 2018 Spring Billing Focus Group Seminar

Genius Solutions, Inc. is hosting a Focus Group for our Billing Services that will concentrate on new billing features to help streamline your workflow!
March 22nd @ Genius Solutions, Inc.
7177 Miller Drive
Warren, MI 48092
4-5pm Meet and Greet with Genius’ Support Staff
5-7pm New Features for Billing Presentation
$50/person beverages included
Space is limited - Register Now!


How to Breakout in 2018

Genius Solutions Presents:

How to breakout in 2018!

With Ted A. Arkfeld, DC, MS, CPC

2018 Your Breakout YearWho should attend this webinar?
If you are feeling the following, please register.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the administrative changes and requirements it takes to run a chiropractic office?
  • Stuck in neutral with respect to your practice's growth?
  • Not practicing the way you thought or were taught?
  • Feeling like you focus on other things way too much instead of patient care?

If you silently or out loud said yes to any of the above, then I highly recommend you attend the webinar on December 19th, at 12:30 PM. I am going to make you 2 promises.

Promise #1:
What I will go over is information you are NOT currently using in your office today, and can easily double or triple your practice in the next 12-months

Promise #2:
What you hear is NOT rhetoric, theory, or hype, it has been tested and proven in the real world of practicing chiropractic.

Please register today!
Webinar OutlineThis webinar will provide an overview of the steps that are needed to achieve unbelievable practice growth in 2018. Topics will include:
  • Chiro Scribe. It is a must for doctors to get back to patient centered and not computer focused.
  • Additional revenue sources that increase cash collections.
    • NormaTec
    • Brain Tap
  • Pain to Brain. An overview of the new chiropractic model.
  • New Gear. Time to add some new toys to the office.

*If you attend the webinar, you may bring a CA to our January 11th, 2018 Workshop at half price.*
Register Here!

Seminar Outline
This seminar will provide information you can take back to your office and immediately implement to jump start your breakout year. Topics include:
  • Introduction to our Neuro-Performance Program to achieve unbelievable clinical results (formerly known as chiropractic miracles) in your office.
  • Evaluation & Management Coding Review: plug the revenue leaks in your office and begin the process of establishing medical necessity for your care.
  • Quick ICD-10 refresher: medical necessity is driven by your diagnosis and care plans.
  • Introduction to low tech rehabilitation: give yourself a raise by adding low tech rehab to your practice. We will demonstrate how to use resistance bands and foam rollers so you can achieve an additional $5,000 per month in collections.
  • Introduction to the latest equipment used by the NFL and Division 1 sport medicine departments to get patients out of pain quickly and stimulate referrals. We will cover coding and documentation to get paid, and you will get a hands-on opportunity to see how these innovative therapies feel on you.
  • You will also get to work-on the most advanced and state of the art table in the chiropractic profession. The Cox-Force table will provide feedback on how to properly do flexion-distraction technique, and why this is the table to provide neurologically based care.

Date: January 11th, 2018
Where: Genius Solutions, 7177 Miller Dr., Warren, MI 48092
When: 9 am to 12 pm, we will stay after so everyone can experience the new treatment modalities
Cost: $49 per person
Register For the Seminar Here!

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Genius Solutions First Friday of the Month Conference Call-Dec 1, 2017

The next Genius Solutions First Friday of the Month Conference Call is scheduled for Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time.


Planned topics for the conference call (so far) are:
  • Autoposting - QMB = OA 209 adjustments Medicare primary, Medicaid 2nd
  • New Statement log has been added to eTHOMAS
  • New Management Console reports for multiple medsys directories
  • Navicure can AutoPost from most insurance companies as well as BC/MR/MD
  • Mark's annual Year End Stuff To Do For THOMAS Users
  • Final comments

A few minutes before 10:00 on Friday you may call the FreeConference main number at 712-775-8972 and use Conference Code: 478288. It sometimes takes up to a minute to ring through and get prompted for the conference number.

If at the time of the Conference Call you can't possibly get in on the main number, then you should check the http://www.geniussolutions.com/news page to see if we have an alternate number.


We plan to also host a "Webinar" at the same time, so if you have highspeed Internet you may also be able to watch Genius' computer screen while you listen to the phone call.

To join the webinar you will need to register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2202597055388622594 as soon as possible.

After you register, a link will be emailed to you. This link is used to join the webinar at 10:00 a.m. We recommend trying to join the webinar about 10 minutes before the webinar is scheduled.

The webinar does not play the audio, you still need to dial into the conference call phone number from your phone.

Even if you do not have highspeed internet, or can't get the webinar to work on your computer, you can still hear the audio portion with the Dial-In Conference Number, just as all the previous conference calls have worked.

As usual, we will try to record the conference for those who can not attend in person and make it available on our News Page a couple of days later. http://www.geniussolutions.com/news


End of Year Care for THOMAS

Some ideas for you before you post any charges for 2018:
  • Complete all posting of payments and charges that you have received up until 12/31/2017. Do not post 2018 information until this is completed.
  • Run all the reports your accountant wants for year end. Ask the CPA now if they have all the documentation they need BEFORE you post next year's stuff.
  • Reconcile all accounts. (This re-adds the transaction ledger. If items are changed/removed in the transaction the patient/insurance balance may be off. Reconciling corrects any of those balances.)
  • Do all patient statements.
  • Check Other Claim Status from the Paper Claim Billing Menu. All open/hold/rebill/inquiry claims should be reviewed. Verify that all claims that can be billed are changed to the appropriate status and available to be billed. Only claims in an unbilled/rebilled/inquiry status will be prepared.
  • Work all Edit Reports and rejections from 2017.
  • Run Delinquent Claims Report. Work all non-paid claims. Especially those that will reach filing limits early next year.
  • Run an Aging by Patient Report. Review all balances, including credit balances, for patient accounts that need correction. If your office writes off balance under a certain dollar amount (ex: any patient balance under a $1.00) do so at this time.
  • Prepare and send all electronic files. (including inquiry claims)
  • Prepare and send all paper claims.
  • During the following steps, everyone needs to be out of the system. All computers need to be completely out of THOMAS. Depending on the size of your system (the amount of data you have) the time it takes to do the following functions can vary.
    1. Do a back up that you can store offsite. (Backing up is extremely important on a daily basis, however, at year-end it may be more important. If for any reason you need to pull the data that was in your system when you sent data to the accountant you may have that ability. (but you should have run them before next year's postings) You will also have a back up that is offsite in case something happens in your office, it really does happen!) You should have everyone out of THOMAS before backing up.
    2. Review your backup practices. Are you backing up as often as you can afford to lose it? If your building burned down tonight, do you have a recent backup offsite that will get you back in business without a huge loss? Have you considered a cloud backup solution such as CrashPlanPro? Is your backup encrypted? Have you tested your backup in the last few months? What exactly is it backing up?
    3. After you do your backup run a Pack databases. (When you delete information from THOMAS it is not necessarily removed right away. When you pack, it actually deletes/removes any information that you have "deleted" that may still be sitting and blocking up space in your databases.) You must have everyone out of THOMAS to pack. You run it from the THOMAS Maintenance Icon -> Reindex, and check the Pack checkbox.
    4. Review your security practices involving your computer. Is the hard drive with THOMAS encrypted? Have you made certain Windows updates are being installed regularly (usually by end of the second week each month)?
    5. Are you using an anti-virus/malware program and is it up to date? Have you disabled users that are former employees? Are your employees on Facebook or risky websites on business computers? Is your computer old and slow?

Learn more about THOMAS. Check our YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/geniussolutionsinc and watch tutorials on recent changes to the program. Call Genius and schedule training for new employees, or those wanting to learn new tips and tricks. Many times clients find very useful things they didn't even know about with training.


BPA has 2 Free Webinars this week- Audits and Medicare

Genius Solutions: Partners


Join Best Practices Academy for Two FREE webinars 

Post Payment Audits: How do I respond? 9/19
Important Deadlines for reporting Medicare 2017 9/21


Shared Genius September 2017


Shared Genius

Practice Solutions

From one genius to another.

ICD-10 2018 Edition

September 2017

We're ready for ICD-10 2018, are you?

It is that wonderful time of year again when the leaves start to change color and you need to update your ICD-10 codes for the new coding year. (WHICH BEGINS IN OCTOBER!)
Like last year, we were able to get a hold of the new codes just last month, clean them up and get them programmed into eTHOMAS. You need to update your eTHOMAS and update your codes. Like last year, we have created a video to help you along and make the changeover as seamless as possible for you.


ICD-10 2018 Codes & How to Update them in eTHOMAS

It's time to update your ICD-10 codes for 2018.
AND, we've got your How to video right here.

Or click here to go to the video.

In order to get the updates, you will need to be on eTHOMAS version 9.5.35 or higher (We expect this version to be released on 9/11/17. ). If you don't want to wait, you can contact Support about the pre-released, beta, version.