Happy Thanksgiving - Genius Closed

Wishing you and your family the best as we enter into this holiday season.

Genius Solutions will be closed Thursday and Friday (Nov 26-27) as we spend time with our families.


Microsoft Security Essentials Causing eTHOMAS Issues

It appears that Microsoft did some updating and it is causing many of you problems.  Clients running Microsoft Security Essentials might have your eTHOMAS icon missing or you are getting a message when trying to start eTHOMAS saying "Can't Run eTHOMAS".  The problems seems to be that MS Security Essentials is quarantining your program as a virus.  The support lines are being swamped.  To get back up and running we have created a step-by-step document for you that will allow you to exclude eTHOMAS' eclient from the antivirus program.  

Download the pdf here.  

If you are still having problems after, please call in and we'll get to you as soon as possible.


Are Your E-Claims Working For You?!

You can do so much more with your electronic claims than you may even know!

Still using Blue Cross Blue Shield EDI for your electronic claims submission? Let us introduce you to a new way of handling electronic claims with our partner, Navicure®. Navicure is an award-winning, electronic claims clearinghouse, with advanced electronic claims tools that can help you collect more money, in less time, and with less effort.

With Navicure you can:

  • Receive the majority of your remittance advice, including commercial insurance payers, electronically and automatically post them into eTHOMAS
  • Identify, categorize, and automatically display your rejected claims on screen with our powerful tools, so you can work them easily and efficiently
  • Correct and resubmit claims quickly online,  reduce your A/R days, and increase your cash flow
  • Track all of your claims, every step of the way, online, utilizing our easy-to-use Claims Dashboard
  • Status and appeal claims directly from our on-screen Dashboard, electronically, quickly and easily.

Plus, if you sign up by December 28, 2015, Navicure will waive all of their customary implementation, enrollment, and training fees- Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to YOU!

Want to learn more?

  • Join us for a special 60-minute, Navicure webinar on December 10th at 2:00 PM ET. Click here to register.
  • You will be able to see Navicure in action, and ask live questions at the end of the presentation.
  • You can also contact Navicure directly, now, at sales@navicure.com or call 1-877-NAVICURE.



Navicure Presents: ICD-10: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Live Webinar for CEU Credit
ICD-10: The Good, Bad and Ugly
Tuesday, November 10th | 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EST
One hour webinar and 30 minute Q&A session

ICD-10 is now in full swing. So, now what?
Join us for a complimentary live webinar sponsored by Navicure on Tuesday, November 10th at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST: ICD-10: The Good, Bad and Ugly.
During this 60-minute webinar and a 30-minute Q&A follow-up, ICD-10 expert Ken Bradley will discuss:
  • How payers are performing post-transition – who was ready and who is not.
  • What type of rejections are most prevalent.
  • The ICD-10 latest industry news and updates.
Participants can earn 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the AAPC and PAHCOM by attending the live webinar.*

Ensure you know how to handle the good, bad and ugly.

Register for this live webinar today!
About the Presenter:
Ken Bradley, VP of Strategic Planning and Regulatory Compliance at Navicure, has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Ken is responsible for all Navicure industry transitions, including ICD-10 and 5010. He is the primary contributor to the ICD-10 Hub Blog and was recognized as one of the most influential individuals tweeting about ICD-10. In addition, his ICD-10 articles have been published in several industry trade publications, including MGMA Connection, The PAHCOM Journal, AAPC’s Medical Practice Digest and PhysBizTech. Ken graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Systems Analysis and a minor in Business.


Navicure Webinar: ERA - Save Time & Money

Live Webinar
Electronic Remittance Advice: Save Time & Money
Thursday, October 29th | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
If you are not receiving at least 80 percent of your remittances electronically, it’s time to re-evaluate your remittance process. Manually processing paper EOBs is time consuming and costly. The good news is that it can be avoided.
Learn how by attending a complimentary webinar, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA): Save Time and Money, on Thursday, October 29th at 11 am EDT sponsored by Navicure.
During this hour, you'll hear Kathleen Wrobel-Erlich, certified practice management specialist at Genius Solutions, discuss:
  • The benefits of optimizing your remittance process, including increased staff productivity and fewer posting errors.
  • How technology can help improve these processes.
  • Handling ICD-10-related denials electronically vs. manually.
Register for this live webinar today!

About the Presenter:
Kathleen Wrobel-Erlich, CPPM, has more than 25 years in medical practice management. She has managed both professional and facility based groups. Kathleen provides consulting services to provider groups of all size and all specialties. She currently works as a Practice Management Specialist for Genius Solutions, Inc, who designs Practice Management software and Electronic Medical Records Programs. Kathleen has an Associates of Applied Science in Business Management.
Live Webinar
Thurs, Oct. 29th 
11 am EDT
Kathleen Wrobel-Erlich
Kathleen Wrobel-Erlich, CPPM, Genius Solutions Inc.


Two Special Genius Post Oct 1st ICD-10 Calls

Genius Solutions is planning two special conference calls after the October 1st ICD-10 deadline to address up-to-the minute news, tips, and resolutions to any ICD-10 issues that our clients are experiencing after the October 1st deadline.

There are two dates scheduled, Tuesday 10/6/2015 and Friday 10/9/2015. Both calls will be at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time.

Possible Writepad Fee Slip Issue

IF you are currently having a problem with the fee slip in Writepad transferring your billing code information over to eTHOMAS, Writepad is aware of the issue and is working on it. 

Per Writepad, you can work around this, for now, by turning the automatic fee slip option off and manually sending for the codes to go in the ICD10 box.  Because you are completing out the note in Writepad, there should be no "double sending" of charges once you can automatically send again.

Genius Solutions eTHOMAS October 1st instructions for ICD-10


You should complete as much of your ICD-9 posting as soon as possible. This means all dates of service BEFORE today (October 1, 2015) should be entered and billed out in ICD-9. You will need to use the new ICD-10 codes for all of your billing with a date of today (Oct 1st), and moving forward.


Once you've billed all of your ICD-9 claims out, and are ready to make ICD-10 the default setting for posting claims in eTHOMAS, you need to turn on the ICD-10 setting in eTHOMAS, which is called ICD10DEFAULT, then you can start entering your new claims using the ICD-10 diagnoses.


On this last pre-ICD-10 day...

We've been working with you for over three years on getting ready for ICD-10.  Hopefully you feel as confident about it as we do.  For any final items you think you may have missed or are unsure of I am here to remind you of some of your available ICD-10 resources, so you can double-check and relax.

The Genius Solutions ICD-10 Resource Page (with stuff from us, Medicare, our YouTube Videos, etc.). 

You can still sign up and participate in free ICD-10 webinars today or tomorrow: General eTHOMAS webinar listings and ehrTHOMAS webinar listings.

There is also a link to Mark's special END of the MONTH (September) Conference Call he held last Friday.

If you've participated with us on this journey we know you've got this, because we've prepared you for it.  If you have prepared properly, tomorrow will just be another billing day - with 70,000+ more choices!  Congratulations, go ahead, pat yourself on the back, get another cup of coffee, and prepare to be paid!

*P.S. If you are trying to update today, be patient, many people are. Also, if you encounter any problems this is our #1 fix and reminder: if you seem to be unable to update, please restart your server, then right click on the "Update" icon and run as administrator and retry the update.


Genius Solutions' September 1st Friday Conference Call

The next Genius Solutions First Friday of the Month Conference Call is scheduled for Friday September 4th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time.

Planned topics for the conference call (so far) are: