eTHOMAS Tips: Connecting With Genius

We're going to present some of the new features and options in eTHOMAS from time to time, in case you missed them, or just didn't know.

Today we're going to talk about Connecting with Genius Solutions. Two ways, to connect computer-to-computer when we are working with you on support issues and how to update your authorized callers with us.

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Be a MACRA ready Medicare Superstar! [training seminar]

Genius Solutions: Partners

The Government Accounting Office is conducting a review of the efficacy of chiropractic care, which includes audits.
Are you prepared? 

Medicare Documentation & Coding 3-Hour Workshop with Dr. Ted Arkfeld, Thursday, January 26th at Genius Solutions in Warren, MIThe Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act clearly mandated that doctors of chiropractic undergo education and training on Medicare documentation requirements. This 3-hour workshop will guide you through exactly what is needed to meet or exceed Medicare documentation and coding requirements for the chiropractic profession. We not only take you step by step of what is needed on the initial visit, daily notes, and release of active care visits, we will also have an ehrThomas trainer co-teaching on how to input into the new EHR system from Genius Solutions.
Attendees will come away with the following:
  • What is meant by the initial visit and how to document to satisfy Medicare requirements
  • How to determine the mechanism of injury for your Medicare patients, and how to document in the new ehrThomas system
  • ICD-10 coding for Medicare. We will cover the proper sequencing and specific codes that should be used and ones that should not
  • Care plans that provide the evidenced based outcomes that Medicare wants to see
  • How to let your EHR work hard for your office, so you can focus on patient care
  • How to become MACRA Ready

Who Should Attend?
DCs and Insurance Staff
Thursday, January 26th
Genius Solutions, Inc.
7177 Miller Dr.
Warren, MI 48092
9 am - Noon
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About the Speaker

Dr. Arkfeld is the Director of Risk Management for Best Practices Academy. He is a nationally known expert on Medicare documentation and coding.

Not quite sure what MACRA or MIPS are? Start Here.

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No First Friday Call Jan 6th

Happy 2017!

We wish you a bountiful New Year.

We will NOT be having a First Friday of the Month Conference Call this Friday. If you have any questions or topics you would like addressed next month feel free to contact us.


Happy Holidays! & Holiday Schedule!

Genius Solutions will be open normal hours (8am-6pm EST) Tues-Thursday 12/27-12/29.
Genius will be closed for the holidays Fri-Mon both holiday weekends - 12/23-12/26 & 12/30-1/2.

Be a Deductible Genius with eTHOMAS Cycle Statements

At the beginning of the year, when new annual client deductibles hit, catching and sending the large, patient transfer balances can be overwhelming. To help combat this deductible landslide, Genius has given you a secret weapon- the Cycle Statement (you must be on eTHOMAS version 9.5.24 to have this feature available).

How does this help? Most offices send out patient statements at the beginning of the month, then notice that they have transferred a lot more money to patient balances after those statements were sent. Now you can do "cycle statements" in the middle of the month. Cycle Statements will ONLY prepare for patients who have had new activity posted to their account since their last statement. This includes charges, payments, transfer balances, debits, and credits. This allows you to notify your patients of their updated balances sooner, without sending a duplicate statement to patients with no new activity. Using cycle statements can save your patients confusion and frustration while freeing up office time from you answering those duplicate questions.

VoilĂ  you're now a deductible genius!


End of Year Care for THOMAS & 1st Friday call for December 2016

Some ideas for you before you post any charges for 2017:

  • Complete all posting of payments and charges that you have received up until 12/31/2010. Do not post 2011 information until this is completed.
  • Run all the reports your accountant wants for year end. Ask the CPA now if they have all the documentation they need BEFORE you post next year's stuff.


Meridian Issues

Many of our clients are receiving a communication from Meridian regarding Taxonomy code to be required on all claims effective 01/01/2017.

At this time know that Genius Solutions is are working with Meridian to determine the what, where and how of this recent change. 

At this time there is nothing for you to do inside your eThomas program.  Genius Solutions will post more once this issue is resolved. 


ADAMS "Didn't call"

DSL snafu week continues. 11/22 ADAMS reports may show "Didn't call" for some patients. They were called, but the results didn't load. :-(

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

We wish you and your family a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving.
Remember - Genius Solutions will be closed Thursday and Friday (11/24-25).


DSL Line Down

Our DSL line is down right now, so you will not be able to send statements to us until it is back up. :-(
#geniussolutions #statements #DSL

Update 11/22/16
Trying to send statements? We've been told our DSL is not expected to be up before 9pm Wed, 11/23. :-(

#GeniusSolutions #automatedstatements

Update 11/23/16
Automated Statements are up and running. DSL- online. :D
#GeniusSolutions #statements #DSL #wereback


Happy 30th Birthday Genius Solutions!

We are celebrating our Genius Solutions, Inc. 30th birthday today. We want you to join us. We've created a little video to show you a little about 30 years of Genius and a big Thank-You to you, our clients who have helped us to get here.

As the video mentions - we would love to hear your Genius stories to help us celebrate our 30th birthday. Please feel free to post stories, thoughts, congrats, whatever you would like - send us an e-mail, post to Twitter or Facebook. You are part of our 30-year history and we would love to hear from you too.