Shared Genius for June 2015

Shared Genius Practice Solutions From one Genius to Another.

June 2015 includes:
ICD-10, expire a provider, dTHOMAS, status review and more!

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TriZetto Provider Solutions is Offering Two Free Webinars in July!

TriZetto* Provider Solutions is serving up two free industry webinars "ICD-10 and Clinical Documentation Integrity" and "Strategies to Improve Scheduling and No-Show Management". Whether you are looking for more info on ICD-10 or having scheduling issues with patients, you will find our webinars educational and informative. Choose one or both but click on the date to register today because space is limited! (1 CEU offered for each webinar)

ICD-10 and Clinical Documentation Integrity

In the midst of a fast-paced industry, ICD-10 continues to be a hot topic as providers and payers furiously prepare for the Oct. 1 transition. Join TriZetto Provider Solutions ™ and Joy King Ewing, RHIA, CCS, CCDS, to discuss the major forces impacting healthcare reform and the financial implications of ICD-10. If your head is swimming with codes and information, get above water and join us for this webinar to help clarify questions you have surrounding ICD-10! 

Strategies to Improve Scheduling and No-Show Management

Are your patients constantly complaining that they can't get into see you? Is every day a desperate attempt to simply hold the wait times down to a "reasonable" amount of time? Are you frustrated with the rising number of patients who fail to show for appointments? Join TriZetto Provider Solutions ™ and Elizabeth Woodcock to learn new methods for scheduling appointments and managing your appointment no-shows. From “freezing” and “thawing” appointment slots to strategies to prevent no-shows, this is the webinar for you if you need help in optimizing your schedule.

*Note: These are NOT Genius Solutions webinars, they are provided by TriZetto, and are being posted because they might be of interest to you.  If there are any registration or other problems, you need to contact TriZetto.


2015 June Events!

Wow, we've got a smorgasbord of learning goodness for your office! Both from Genius, as well as some fantastic, FREE, webinars from some of our partners, designed to help you make and keep more cash.  Check on your calendar, register ASAP and prepare to be awesome!

June 16 Navicure Webinar

Strategies for ICD-10 Appeal to Success
(1 CEU available)
June 16 1 pm EDT

June 18 NACC ICD-10 Live Seminar

ICD-10-CM Online Study Program: Where Clinical Meets Coding - The Live Seminar, with Dr. Ted A. Arkfeld

Live Seminar 9 am - 5 pm. Click here for information, details, and registration.

June 26 Genius Focus Group Seminar - Detroit 9 am 

More information and registration. (1 CEU available)

Don't forget our Genius ongoing webinars for ICD-10 and EHR.

(Various dates and times.)


Version 9.5 of eTHOMAS is Out!

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 9.5 of eTHOMAS! Version 9.5 includes many new things, including all-new improvements in AutoPosting.

Find out all of what is new and improved by viewing our What’s New in 9.5 document (within eTHOMAS). Click on Messaging > Genius on the Web > FYI > General. Each change is also detailed in the Messaging Tab under What’s New, where you can view a short description of all changes released and which version of eTHOMAS they correspond to.

Also new with this version (and all future version updates 9.5, 9.6, etc.) you will be presented with a EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) that must be accepted prior to regaining access to eTHOMAS. You may view the entire EULA in Messaging > Licensing > Agreements.

In addition, we have created many resources, including "how-to" tools, tutorials, and videos (about the new AutoPost Improvements and Keyboard Entry changes ) which are all located accessible from the What’s New in 9.5 document,  and on our YouTube™ Channel at www.youtube.com/geniussolutionsinc where you can always view tutorials on the latest changes!

Don't have eTHOMAS yet?!!!!!! 

Schedule an appointment to update from dTHOMAS to eTHOMAS stat (phone: 586.751.9080 / 800.645.0955 - outside of Michigan)!  And you too will be able to enjoy all of these new eTHOMAS goodies on top of preparing for ICD-10 by updating to the version of THOMAS programmed and tested to handle it!    


Shared Genius for April 2015

Shared Genius Practice Solutions From one Genius to Another.

April 2015 includes:
ICD-10, Automated Statements, and more!

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ICD-10 Moving Forward

Is ICD-10 going to be delayed again?

The answer seems to be a hearty "No." The Senate just passed the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula bill this week. There were no "additional riders" or other mention of holds listed in there that would in any way indicate any further delay for ICD-10. This bill was the last hold-out people were waiting for, as this is where ICD-10 got surprisingly derailed last year. If you are not on board with ICD-10, you should be buying a ticket fast!

Register for one of our weekly ICD-10 webinars NOW!


NACC ICD-10 Home Study Course

The National Academy of Chiropractic Coders (NACC)
is offering an ICD-10-CM Home Study and Preparatory Examination course.

New Webinar Dates - We're Back!

Ok, you've been wondering.... I've got news!

The ICD-10 weekly webinars are BACK! And start tomorrow. Just like last year, the webinars are free, but you do need to register for them. Yes, there will be a live question and answer session at the end. Get ready now by signing up! The link is always available on the "Events" page and on the "ICD-10" page as well.


Shared Genius for February 2015

Shared Genius Practice Solutions From one Genius to Another.

February 2015 includes:
Supplemental claim information & more!

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CMS is Being Loud and Proud Right Now

CMS is Loud about a meaningful use attestation date extension:

If you are an eligible professional, you now have until 11:59 pm ET on March 20, 2015, to attest to meaningful use for the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program for 2014.

This extension also allows those eligible professionals, who want to use their one "switch", to switch programs (from Medicare to Medicaid, or vice versa) for the 2014 until the end of March 20, 2015 also. After that time, eligible professionals will no longer be able to switch programs.

Remember Medicare eligible professionals must attest to meaningful use every year to both receive an incentive and to avoid a Medicare payment adjustment.

Also note, if necessary, that this Medicare extension doesn’t affect either the Medicaid EHR incentive or the PQRS date which has been extended to March 20, 2015.

And they are Proud about ICD-10 preparation:

Per CMS, they are ready for ICD-10 and prepared thinking they will be ready for ICD-10 on October 1. They claim they’ve had approximately 660 providers and billing companies who’ve submitted about 15,000 test claims.

“This successful week of testing continues to put us on course for successful implementation of this important initiative that better reflects modern practice of medicine by Oct. 1, 2015.”

Here is the link back to the CMS Attestation website.


Upcoming Events

March 18*
Genius Solutions Focus Group Seminar
@ The Somerset Inn in Troy, MI

April 8*
Genius Solutions Focus Group Seminar
@ The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI

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