THOMAS Users: NDC Update and View!

Due to recent changes with how NDC information is to be reported for payment, a change has been made to accommodate the reporting of a Unit Count in the CTP-04 in the 2410 loop and a Unit Price, if required, in Item 24 of the CMS-1500 (02-12) form. There are detailed instructions and information on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5AnkLXxuUU In addition, you can view the printed information at http://www.media.geniussolutions.com/94/NDCChange.pdf

Visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/geniussolutionsinc

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President Signs HR 4302 Into Law

On Tuesday April 1, 2014 the President signed HR 4302 into law. The bill's purpose was to delay the 24% decrease in Medicare payments until the SGR can be permanently fixed.

Also tucked into the bill was a delay in the implementation of ICD-10 ("Until no sooner than October 1, 2015").  eTHOMAS can and is ready for ICD-10 whenever it is needed.

eTHOMAS has the built-in flexibility to bill out in ICD-10 codes or to continue bill out with ICD-9 codes. We encourage you to continue your preparations and use the delay to become fully functional with the new ICD-10 code set and get your EHRs up and ready to attest by September (if you have never previously attested).

This bill passage DOES NOT affect the use of the the new CMS-1500 form, the 1% Medicare reduction if you don't attest for meaningful use this year by September 1st, or other items in connection with the ARRA stimulus program.


Senate Passes House Bill 4302

The US Senate passed House Bill 4302 ( a bill) on March 31, 2014.   This is the bill we just told you about and it's primary purpose is to extend (another temporary measure) the 24% Medicare SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate) increase given until they can resolve the SGR in a better way.  Of course this extension would mean that the SGR would again- NOT be fixed.

Somehow, someone was able to also tuck a clause into this bill, that if it passes, it will delay the planned ICD-10 implementation until Oct. 1, 2015. This bill will now proceed to the President for final approval or veto before becoming law.

Unfortunately this quick fix, from not fixing the SGR (WHICH STILL NEEDS TO BE FIXED)- while seemingly getting you your money - will in fact cost millions and then some.  Plus more millions for delaying ICD-10 implementation for another year (CMS had previously estimated another delay may potentially have a price tag of $6.6 billion impact).

I could find nothing that said that there would be any delay on the 1% Medicare take-backs scheduled to being for not meaningfully using an EHR (attesting by this year at latest - within the first 9 mo, for 90 days).  Or that there would be any delays regarding Stage 2 Meaningful Use.  Which makes sense as both of these are tied to the 2009 ARRA "stimulus" act, not the SGR (but considering they managed to throw an ICD-10 delay in there, it was worth a look).

Here is a link to the bill.
Here is a link to another good article discussing what this delay means to you, from EHR Intelligence.
Here is a link to a great Fierce Healthcare article & it has links at the bottom for the AMA, AHIMA, HIMSS.


CMS holding claims April 1st

CMS has instructed all contractors to “hold” claims that have a service date of April 1, 2014 for ten days.  This would allow congress time to vote on stopping the 24% decrease that is scheduled take effect April 1, 2014.  So you may see that your Medicare checks are not coming through as expected in April.


Attention: Attestation, ICD-10, and SGR Updates!


Ever Attested?

If this is your first year to attest for Meaningful Use – You need to be working it now!  Literally.

Payment Adjustments for NOT being a Meaningful User kick in January 1, 2015.
As part of the 2009 ARRA “Stimulus” program, if you DO NOT attest for meaningful use, by this year, your Medicare payments will be reduced by 1% for each year you are not a meaningful user.  [Up to 5% loss, “depending on the total number of eligible meaningful user providers after 2018”, assuming less than 75% meaningful users the reductions are set to cap off at 5%.]


Shared Genius

"Practice solutions from one genius to another."

The Evolution of Shared Genius

Support accosted me and said, "We have these great questions that come up and awesome tips we'd like to share with everyone. Can you help us?" Of course I said, "Sure!" And here we are.

This is a new mini Genius Solutions Newsletter with Tips and Tricks from Support, to you, with love. Our plan is to put this out once a month, to start, and see how things go. If you have a question or tip you would like shared, please e-mail us and we'll take a look at it. This is SHARED GENIUS after all. :D



dTHOMAS v9.06

New CMS-1500 Form

The time is now!

Version 9.06 of dTHOMAS
We are pleased to announce the release of Version 9.06 of dTHOMAS! This version includes the ability to prepare and print the new CMS-1500 (02-12) claim form for the April 2014 deadline.

Genius ICD-10 Seminars- On the Road

Ok, so my hair isn't this short, but we do put this much work into our presentations! :D

We started off last Friday to a packed house of Medical Specialties.  April is already half-full and we are still trying to look and schedule additional seminars as quickly as possible.  So far, here is the current Schedule:

We are currently looking at Pensacola, FL in May (still trying to secure a location).
And we are looking for additional areas in Michigan (if you have an awesome suggestion, please feel free to add it in the comments).

For those who aren't in Michigan or Florida, we are also looking at doing some sort of epic online conference for you.... We're still investigating the best way to do this.

As soon as we add more dates and locations, we will definitely post them on the website (under EVENTS), on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Although we do have lots to share, we are looking at what more we can add to help you prepare for ICD-10, HIPAA compliance, and more - I will also let you know if the agenda or guests change as we work towards October and the end of the year.

As always - we are looking forward to visiting with you soon!  :D


Whoo Hoo - eTHOMAS v 9.4 is ready for download!

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 9.4 of eTHOMAS!  Version 9.4 includes a variety of new features including, the new CMS-1500 (02-12) claim form for the April 2014 deadline, the ICD-10 framework for the October 2014 deadline, a new Diagnosis Summary report, enhancements to Statement/Service Charges, and much, much more!

We have created many different how-to tools and tutorials for you.  You can access our What’s New in 9.4 document from within eTHOMAS, click on Messaging | Genius on the Web, click on FYI and then General for an overview of some of the many enhancements you will receive with this update.  Each change is also detailed in the Messaging Tab under What’s New.  Here you can view a short description of changes released and the corresponding version of eTHOMAS.

With this version of eTHOMAS and future versions (9.4, 9.5, 9.6, etc.) you will be presented with a EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) that must be accepted prior to gaining access to THOMAS.  You may view the entire EULA in Messaging | Licensing & Agreements.

In addition to these resources, we have created step-by-step tutorials relating to ICD-10 and the new CMS-1500 (02-12) claim form on our YouTube™ Channel at www.youtube.com/geniussolutionsinc where you can view videos of the upcoming industry changes.

We are also hosting weekly webinars with up-to-date information relating to ICD-10 and the new claim form.  Visit our website at www.geniussolutions.com and click on the “Free ICD-10 weekly webinars” link.  Choose a date that works best for you and send us a registration form.

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Got IDC-10 Videos? We do!

We now have a YouTube Channel!  

Currently, the videos pertain to ICD-10 and the New CMS-1500 (02-12) claim form which is in version 9.4 of eTHOMAS.  Version 9.4 is scheduled to be released in early February 2014.  Check the channel often as videos will be regularly updated.

Our videos can be found on our YouTube Channel at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/user/geniussolutionsinc/videos?view=1&flow=grid.  This link will take you directly to the videos playlist on our channel.   The different playlists represent various topics relating to our products, industry related changes, and most important to you right now- ICD-10 and the new CMS-1500 (02-12) claim form.

You can also access our videos and in the playlist order if you go to our YouTube Channel link, which is www.youtube.com/geniussolutionsinc  From the main page of our channel, you can click on "Videos".  Use the drop-down menu labeled “Uploads” and select “Playlists” to view the videos in their playlist order by topic.


Got an ICD-10 Plan for 2014?

Ready to kick 2014 into ICD-10 gear? 
Find out about & Register for one of our free webinars HERE.
Check-out Dr. Arkfeld's Road to ICD-10 series designed to prep the doctor, the staff, and the office as a whole to be ready for implementation.
If you are a billing service - we have a seminar coming up Jan 24th in Warren, MI, just for you!


Happy 2014!

The next Genius Solutions First Friday of the Month Conference Call is scheduled for Friday January 3rd at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time.
Planned topics for the conference call (so far) are:

As usual, we will try to record the conference for those who can not attend in person and make it available on our News Page a couple of days later. http://www.geniussolutions.com/news For more on how to get in on the call - check out the instructions on our Facebook page:  http://tinyurl.com/GSchiroFB